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Mark Timm

Serial Entrepreneur, Proud Dad, and Expert Bulletproof Coffee Maker

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Ann Timm

Homemaker Extraordinare, Teen Wrangler, Chocolate Connoisseur

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Bill Blankschaen

Walt Disney World Savant, Big-Picture Thinker, Connect-the-Dots Specialist

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Izabella Stasiukiewicz

 Capable Woman of God, People-Pleaser, Poland Transplant

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Jenifer Truitt

Word Nerd, Goal-Setting (and Achieving) Junkie, and One-Time Kilimanjaro Climber

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Bobby Hopper

Self-Proclaimed Captain Obvious and Expert-Talker

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Jacob Salem

Husband and Pastor, Entrepreneur and Facebook Junkie

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Morag Brand

Resident Tech Expert, Problem Solver, Lover of Books and Coffee

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William E. Willoughby III

Branding Beast, Night-Owl,

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Janie Seltzer

People Magnet, Fierce Truth-Teller, Beauty Finder

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Tifny Hoppel

Military wife, Momma bear, Self-proclaimed artist

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Chris Davis

Technology Manager, Triathlete, Default Dog-Walker

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Lori Haley

A Natural-Born Social Butterfly, Thirsty to Learn, Excited about Social Media, Obsessed with Family Time.

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Ziglar Family’s mission is to help your family be, do, and have MORE!

How did Ziglar Family get started?  Well, a big clue is in our name: Ziglar.

Everything Ziglar Family stands for is rooted in the wisdom, principles, and teaching of the man himself, Mr. Zig Ziglar, who taught us that when families plan to win and prepare to win, then they can legitimately expect to win as a family.

So… who’s in charge here at Ziglar Family?  Well, we’re actually a team from all over the US, led by Mark Timm, our President and CEO.  Mark’s wife, Ann, is right there next to him as co-host of our Thrive community and the 7-Day Family Challenge.  (She’s also a blogger over at her site, Keeper of the Home.)

Mark has some pretty impressive credentials as a businessman and entrepreneur, but he is first and foremost CEO of the most valuable business in the world: his own family. He and Ann are proud to be parenting six of the most awesome kids on the planet — three boys (Markus, Kavyn, Zachary) and three girls (Mary, Cassandra & Grace). 

Mark has a really cool connection to Zig Ziglar, which started about 30 years ago at the National FFA Convention, when he heard Mr. Ziglar speak for the first time. Even though Mark didn’t actually know who Zig was at the time, it was just a matter of seconds before Mark —along with the entire audience– was completely captivated with his wisdom.

Hearing Zig Ziglar’s lesson that day about setting goals was all Mark needed; he went all-in!  In the years that followed, those Ziglar principles have guided Mark to significant achievements, from becoming a national FFA officer as a teen, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur of more than 10 businesses.  He has spoken professionally for over 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to over one million people in 48 states!

Today he’s so thankful and excited to be leading the Ziglar Family team and sharing his passion for helping families all over the world — yes, that includes YOUR family! — to be, do, and have MORE!  

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