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Empower Your Family to Be, Do, and Have More

A membership community to help you maximize your family’s potential, connect for encouragement, and experience lasting success as a family.

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Brought to You by the Creators of…

Brought to You by the Creators of…

“I love being part of a community of families who are on the same journey I am!”

— Jen T. Wife, Mother of Two

Get Clarity and Confidence

You’ll learn from experts and get equipped with practical resources.

Follow a Proven Path

Your family has a unique story, but the growth process doesn’t have to be a mystery.

An Encouraging Community

You’ll know you’re not alone as you connect with other families committed to success.

Your Family Deserves More Than…

Drifting through life without a plan

Always feeling overwhelmed

Constant chaos and drama

Getting lost in the day-to-day rush

Settling for “good enough”

Ignoring problems

Enjoy the Benefits of a Family that Thrives

Path to Significance

Get clear on your family purpose, direction, and legacy.

Loving Relationships

Enjoy deeper relationship success and happy, confident kids.

Increased Peace

De-stress, relax, and end the drama—without going on vacation.

Intentional Living

Accomplish more as a family with access to proven know-how.

Greater Unity

Get on same page and better understand one another.

Encouraging Support

Connect with a caring community and monthly coaching help.

Every family deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Join the Community

Your Family Success Partner

Thrive is a family growth membership community founded on the timeless wisdom of Zig Ziglar, whose success principles helped more than 250 million people over four decades. Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm now leads a dedicated team passionate about continuing Zig’s legacy and coming alongside you to help empower your family to thrive. 

Zig Ziglar, America’s most influential and beloved encourager, believed that everyone could have, do, and be more. He reached and influenced an estimated 250 million people. But families know him best for his engaging seminars and books—Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World and Courtship after Marriage.

Once his faith was awakened, Zig realigned his priorities and began uniting his principles for success with his love for his family—and everything changed. He and his wife Jean reared four children of their own while modeling a loving, thriving marriage for 66 years.

When Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm heard Zig Ziglar speak for the first time almost 3 decades ago, it changed his life direction. Mr. Ziglar’s timeless principles inspired Mark to start more than a dozen successful businesses.

But when his business success didn’t transfer to his family life, Mark and his wife got intentional about applying those time-tested Ziglar principles to leading and growing a successful, blended family with six children.

Today as CEO of Ziglar Family, Mark passionately shares the Ziglar principles that have worked so well for his family to empower millions of other families around the world. 

Zigar Family’s mission is to empower today’s family to be, do, and have more— because we believe every family deserves the opportunity to thrive.

We’re committed to becoming your trusted family success partner:

  • We want to help you filter out the noise so you can focus on what matters most.
  • We want to guide you down a proven family success path with access to experts and practical resources your family can use to win every day.  
  • We want to connect you with other families on the same journey so you know you are not alone.

Discover how the THRIVE membership community can help your family realize its POTENTIAL for greatness.

The Family Success Path

Every family is unique and yet the family success journey is essentially the same for all of us. With 7 key areas of family life at the hub of the process, The Family Success Path™ identifies the 5 stages of growth every family experiences from Launch to Legacy.

The Family Success Path™ provides the framework for all the content delivered to you within the community so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Zig Ziglar often quoted his friend Joe Sabah who said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.” Every family starts in the same place—Launch.

The Family Success Path™ is designed to let you know where you are on the journey and what resources would be most valuable to you at that stage.

You are not alone on the journey from Launch to Legacy. Community is the catalyst that accelerates your family growth and moves your family forward. Community builds up your strength for the journey and unites you with other families who share your desire to be all you can be.

That’s why we founded the Thrive membership community—so you can prepare to thrive in connection with other families on the same journey.

As a Founding Family in the community, you’ll get a foundational, guided learning experience that will be delivered to you in bite-size pieces over the first 90 days with your busy schedule in mind.

When you engage this foundational Families that Win video-based experience…

  • You’ll position your family to win and define what winning means for your family.
  • You’ll get clarity on your family direction with the Ziglar Family Purpose Creator™.
  • You’ll learn practical ways to guide your family to consistently be, do and have more using the Ziglar Family GPS™.

What Families Are Saying

“I’m a developmental psychologist. So many people out there have ideas of how to raise kids and relate to each other, but it’s just based in opinion. A lot of what’s said with Ziglar Family actually maps onto what science tells us about parenting. I really enjoy that a lot.”

— Matt H. Husband, Father of One

What You Get When You Join

You’re invited to be part of something special—the grand opening of the Thrive membership community!

As a member of Thrive, you and your family get:

Exclusive Weekly Content

You’ll get valuable helps delivered weekly to help you grow without feeling overwhelmed. We’ll show you how each piece of content fits into The Family Success Path™. Each month you’ll receive:

  • Thrive Family Focus: In-depth interview with a guest family expert about one topic or area of family life. Learn from the best!
  • Thrive Family Essentials: Valuable teaching resource equipping you to overcome specific family challenges and empowering you to
  • Thrive Family Spotlight: We’ll highlight a family that has experienced success in a specific area of life so we can all learn from their experience.
Monthly Coaching Q & A with Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm

 Mark will conduct live video group coaching forums to answer specific questions from the community. He’ll be joined by the monthly expert sometimes and questions can be submitted beforehand. These coaching sessions will be recorded for easy replay in your busy schedule. (One-on-one family coaching is also available at the VIP level.)

Connection to the Thrive Family Community

Make connections with families who share your passion to be, do, and have more! As a Founding Family, you’ll get immediate access to a secret Facebook community as we launch. We will then transition to a robust, protected forum where you can get questions answered and meet more families like your own.

The Families that Win Guided Learning Experience

Over the first 90 days, we’ll guide you through an engaging discovery process that will position your family for success. It includes video sessions with both Zig Ziglar and Mark Timm and downloadable guides.

It will help your family find the best path forward for you, then equip you with critical tools to make progress right away. (Actual cost of this learning experience on its own is $297—but it’s available to members only for free.)

Access to a Growing Library of Helpful Family Resources

We’ve stocked the Thrive archives with select audio from Zig Ziglar and other valuable resources to get you started. As the community grows, we’ll build a searchable library you can draw from as needed to help your family succeed.

“As a busy mom with six kids, I often felt the tremendous pressure and frustration of doing my best but feeling like I didn’t have a target. Life felt overwhelming at times. This really helped us refocus and discern what mattered most to our family.”

—Beth L. Wife, Mother of Six

“As a mom, wife, and professional, I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger! Ziglar Family is helping us prioritize and become intentional in our parenting. They’re helping us to put our family first in ways that are practical and measurable—and I really appreciate that!”

—Sarah R. Wife, Mother of Four

“I always trusted Zig Ziglar and I am so excited to see his legacy living on through Ziglar Family. That same trust I had with Zig with my business success is now coursing through the lifeblood of my family. Thank you!”

—Bobby H. Husband, Father of Two

“We would really recommend that anyone plug-in with Ziglar Family and move your family forward to where you want to go.”

—Jason and Allison, Parents of Seven

“Ziglar Family’s practical wisdom and methods have helped our family through some tough times, provided structure when it was needed most, and added an element of joy.”

—Peter R. Husband, Father of Four

“I find encouragement to know I’m on the right path—not perfect—but on the journey with other families like us.  It makes it easier to find time to invest in what matters most.”

—Faith B. Wife, Mother of Six

“You don’t pay the price for success. You pay the price for failure. You enjoy the benefits of  family success.”

— Zig Ziglar

What’s My Investment?


How much is confusion and chaos costing your family right now in aggravation and headaches? How much would you pay to escape the overwhelm with a one-week vacation? How much would it be worth to you to get on the same page with your family and have a clear sense of direction? How much will you be willing to pay “someday” when it’s too late to build a strong foundation for family significance?

You probably already make a monthly membership investment for your family—the YMCA, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, various clubs, or even for food-preparation, cleaning or lawn services. But are you investing in the single most important thing in life—your family?

For less than the price of a tank of gas or a fast-food meal, your family can get and stay connected to the Thrive community.


  • Exclusive Weekly Content Delivery
  • Monthly Coaching Q & A Video Calls
  • Connection with the Thrive Community
  • Families that Win Guided Learning Experience ($297 value)
  • Ongoing Access to the Thrive Family Library

  • VIP ONLY: 1-on-1 family coaching with a Certified Ziglar Family Coach
  • VIP ONLY: Immediate Access to the Complete Zig Ziglar Audio Vault ($1,200 value)

(Pay $297 for only the Families that Win learning experience.)

Got questions?

Call (904) 364-0789

Chat LIVE with a Ziglar Family Team Member

“There is no way to measure the positive impact this will have on families all over, but I know it will be huge! I highly recommend to any family that you trust the methods and advice Mark and Zig’s team share in this community. You won’t be sorry!”

—Chris P. Husband, Father of Three