August 2017 Thrive Family Focus: How Parents Can Learn to Speak Teen: A Culture Translator

August 2017 Thrive Family Focus: How Parents Can Learn to Speak Teen: A Culture Translator  (Gary Alan Taylor) 


Welcome to the August Thrive Family Focus Interview! This month, Thrive community co-founder, Bill Blankschaen, sits down with Vice President of, Gary Alan Taylor, to discuss how Axis helps parents and grandparents effectively communicate with teens in their own language.  With their weekly Culture Translator email, Axis covers everything parents need to know about teen trends, from slang, to current movies and tv shows, to suggested conversation starters around potentially uncomfortable topics.

Here’s what you’ll discover: 

  • Why teens need 3 people (other than parents) in their lives to act as mentors and guides
  • What kinds of cultural icons are shaping teens today
  • Best time to have a meaningful conversation with your teen, and how to approach it
  • Ways that parents’ habits influence teens’ behaviors now and into the future
  • Specific ways to manage technology issues with teens (both proactive and reactive)
  • And so much more…

Ready to become more fluent in the language your kids are speaking? Check out this month’s Thrive Family Focus Interview now!

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