August 2017 Thrive Family Resource: A Parent’s Guide to Slang

August 2017 Thrive Family Resource: A Parent’s Guide to Teen Slang

August Thrive Family Focus Expert, Gary Alan Taylor (VP of Axis), has shared with us a fantastic resource called A Parent’s Guide to Teen Slang. This download is available especially for Thrive community members.

He wanted to share this handy tool to help parents of teens who are hearing phrases like, “That’s so extra!” or “She’s just thirsty,” and have no idea what they mean! (Hint:  Thirsty has nothing to do with needing a beverage!)

This is a must-have handy printout for every parent of  pre-teens and teens.  In fact, you ought to try dropping some of the lingo on your kids and see how they react!

With this ready-to-print resource, you will learn:

  • Fun or harmless phrases, like the difference between NMH and SMH
  • Phrases or slang that are less innocent, like AF and HBIC
  • Red flags, like Breadcrumbing and GNOC

Download PDF Here 

If you like this resource, you’ll love The Culture Translator, an email put out by Axis each week with the newest, latest, most up-to-date trends parents should know about.  You can get your copy by clicking here.  




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