80 Top Health Resources for Women of All Ages


Is your health where you want it to be? We have 80 top health resources for women of all ages… yes, that's correct: 80 resources for you! Awesome! When the creators of the Women's Resources (listed below) surveyed the women in their community, asking how they felt about the state of their health, the results [...]

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A Powerful Reminder that Life is Too Short


Life is fragile and far too short to waste. We learn this time and time again whether it be through an untimely death of a family member/someone we know, a fight with a friend that's lost forever, or when we choose not to follow a dream, sign, or passion. This is a powerful reminder that [...]

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Who Else Wants to Be Encouraged?


Have you ever used the phrase "I like You because_____" or "I like him/her because_____" or"I like ____ because_____"? By simply saying this phrase in your head or out loud will instantly make you feel happy and encouraging. At the end of the day, who else wants to be encouraged? Here's how… I challenge you [...]

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