Discover How One “Ziglar” Family Cracked the “Chores” Code For You!

Guest Author: Christine Robichau, Mom, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, COWALA CO. LLC, dba Chorez™

It was years ago, but I clearly remember hearing the Ziglar Family challenge to take serious stock in how we were “doing family” in our home.

My husband knew Mark Timm professionally, and his message was clear – if we seriously invest in our family, we’ll see huge rewards.

So, we started our own “family business” with not much more than a name and a mission – to “do family well.” Here’s a little video “blast from our past” if you are interested.

Fast forward to 2018, and my husband and I decided to do something with COWALA CO. LLC, our business-in-name-only. We had a great system for managing household chores and rewards, but it was still a little broken, and if I am honest, we nagged our kids a little too much (drama isn’t good, and chores in our home were full of drama).

How The Chorez™ App was Born:

So, we spent the better part of a year plotting out what it would take to turn our 20th-century system of paper chore charts and cash payments into a 21st-century product … without the nagging. 

Two things were apparent – chasing after the kids to assure that chores were done well was a huge pain point, and we never had cash on hand to pay our kids. We needed to go digital and convenient.

Our guiding principles:

  1.     Engage each other with respect.
  2.     Teach the value of quality work.
  3.     Teach the true value of money.
  4.     Reward good habits.

A year later, and we had a mobile system that was born from Ziglar Family principles, and we shared it with a few friends and family members since, “If it’s a lifesaver for us, surely someone else will benefit, right?”

The Chorez™ App

What we didn’t expect was the positive response that followed almost immediately – our friends and family members said, “I want that, please!” So, we polished it up a little more and launched to the world (ie. The App Store and Google Play). One press release went out to a very small list, and a few days later there was a news crew at the house.

Another 24 hours later and our message about doing family better, with the right tools, was being shared with the nation. Thirty-plus news outlets nationwide picked up the story, and now we have a real business that we are running as a family. How cool is that?

The Chorez™ App takes a few of the Ziglar Family principles, and it brings them to the digital age.

Why The Chorez™ App is Awesome for Families and Kids: 

We’ve eliminated the chasing after kids to assure a job well done by integrating photo chore verification into the app. We’ve also added a digital payments platform that includes a prepaid Mastercard for each child in your family (no more searching for cash). There is also a “Fair Share” feature that allows you to pass the costs of the premium version of the app on to your kids. : ) Check out this short video if you want to see these cool features in action:

We’ve created this “tech” to solve our own problems, but we want as many people as possible to benefit from it, too. 

So, check out our site and download the app for iOS or Android

And we’d love to hear your feedback as you start to conquer the world of chores, and eliminate the nagging in your home once and for all!

Which Chores Do Your Kids Dislike Doing The Most (the parent’s “nagging ones” haha)?



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