Family Board Meetings with Jim Shiels

Jim Sheils & Family Board Meetings

Ziglar Family COO, Jenifer Truitt interviews Jim Sheils about a fantastic concept he has coined:  Family Board Meetings. 
For those of you who have not come across Jim or his work, he is the co-founder of Board Meetings International, a company that specializes in parent/child retreats using a combination of experiential education and fun activities like surfing and other oceanfront adventures to teach vital life lessons not taught in school.
Jim’s book The Family Board Meeting was ranked as a #1 Parenting kindle book on Amazon, and in this interview, he will be sharing key concepts from his work including:
  • The 3 most important steps to connecting with your child in a meaningful way
  • Principles of “board meeting” success
  • Ideas for easy implementation of this process in your family
  • And much more!
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You can learn more about Jim and his work by visiting

And don’t forget to order Jim’s book, Family Board Meetings, so you can get the full details!

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