[VIDEO + PDF] How to Help Your Child Find His or Her Purpose – with Kevin Monroe

By Jenifer Truitt, Executive Director Ziglar Family

Parents, I have a question that I want you to really reflect on for just a minute:

How do you know if you are living your purpose?  Living out that unique mission that is unique to your talents, passions, and abilities? 

Now I’m going to make it a little more challenging:

How do you help your child(ren) find their purpose?  How do you make sure they will have the best possible chance to find that sweet spot in life where their work, their vocation, will make the best use of their gifts and desires?

The uncomfortable truth is that many of us project upon our children what we think is best for them, sometimes based on our own unfulfilled dreams, or sometimes based on our lofty desire for them to “do better than we did.”

It shouldn’t be that way, though, and it doesn’t have to be.  We as parents can absolutely be the perfect guides for our children and lead them to a path that will allow them to explore many options, take many forks in the road, and ultimately fulfill the mission — or missions — they have been designed for.

In this special interview, I have the privilege of speaking with purpose-finding expert Kevin Monroe.  He’s the author of The Purpose Manifesto and the host of The Higher Purpose Podcast. 

Kevin shares some valuable insight that we as parents can use to first understand what it means to be walking in purpose, and then to help direct our children to do the same.

It really hits home for me, as I’m about to launch my first baby off to college in the fall, and I want to be sure she is well on the way to living a fulfilling life filled with passion for her work and success in her endeavors.

I invite you to join Kevin and me for this interesting and informative discussion, and then feel free to comment with your thoughts or email me ( jen@ziglarfamily.com) or Kevin (kevin@kevindmonroe.com).

BONUS:  Kevin has offered this Free Downloadable Resource for you on the topic of Finding Purpose. Download your copy here! 



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  1. kavita July 25, 2019 at 10:37 am - Reply

    Very Nice! I am also of the similar mindset, thanks for putting it so beautifully.

    kavita Hans

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