How to Fear Less and Faith More (without the Anxiety)

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The spa experience speaks to our bodies and spirits so profoundly because the serenity and safety we find there helps to soothe our nerves. Fear is a constant battle for all of us. We often feel vulnerable in this world—AND THE TRUTH IS that we are vulnerable.

How to remove fear and anxiety

We humans are more like sheep than any other creature in God’s Kingdom. The Scriptures regularly use the analogy of sheep to shepherd to describe our relationship with God. There are many reasons for that—and one of the most important is that sheep cannot protect themselves from wild animals. They need a shepherd to protect and care for them. The shepherd carries a big stick or rod to defend the sheep from wolves and other animals that move in to attack.

Also, sheep will not drink from running water; they need quiet, placid pools. The shepherd will go to great lengths to find peaceful pools of water or ford up a river to create calm waters. Only then will the sheep drink.

As with sheep, agitation and anxiety are like poison to our souls and our bodies. When we are tied up in knots, we can’t think clearly, make wise decisions, or enjoy the day or our life. Our health is destroyed by worry and fear. Sometimes fear is so powerful that our life is limited and controlled by it.

How to remove fear and anxiety

There is no doubt about it: a massage, facial, or even a pedicure can do much to temporarily relieve stress. Oh, yes! However, what we need even more is treatment that goes deeper than the skin. We need true inner calm for our spirit.

When I was a college student at UNC-Chapel Hill, I went through an unexpected battle with a fear that seemed to come out of nowhere. After months of not knowing where to turn, I finally marched to my dorm room (in the middle of a beautiful, Carolina blue sky day), locked my door, got down on my knees, and had a serious conversation with God.  Why am I so afraid?

In the end, I did find freedom from the fear. I learned that MY TRUE SECURITY is in God alone. I learned what it means to trust. The experience has resonated positively in my life for the last 30 years. These words from the psalmist truly became my words:  “I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me, freeing me from all my fears” (Psalm 34:4).

How to remove fear and anxiety

What I suggest you do to begin to deal with your fears and anxieties—so much a part of the human condition—is to bask in the soothing atmosphere of God’s presence. Begin to turn your inner eyes to Jesus—the one who “even the wind and waves obey”(Mark 4:41). He has the power to give peace to your spirit. Ask Him

Jesus is the prince of peace. He can help you breathe deeply and think freely. His love can heal you and fill you. The power of divine love overcomes fear. Believe me—your soul will be soothed and your life will take on new freedom.

What fears grip you? How do you overcome fear and anxiety in your life?


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