[VIDEO] How To Get Kids Involved in Healthy Cooking

Mike and Deanna Mutzel of High Intensity Health helps parents learn how to get creative when it comes to keeping our children and families healthy. They give us some great tips on how to get kids more involved in the process of cooking healthy food. They even have some cute chickens that produce their eggs. The Mutzel Family truly knows how to live the healthy life by creating healthy habits.

Mike lives in Kirkland, WA with his wife Deanna Arnill– a Doctor of Chiropractic- with their daughter and two dogs Shasta and Rainier.

They enjoy cooking locally grown whole foods and adhere to an active outdoor life of skiing, hiking and biking.

To learn more about Mike Mutzel and Deanna Mutzel of High Intensity Health, check out this link: https://highintensityhealth.com/

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