May 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight: The Hopper Family

May 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight:  The Hopper Family

Meet the Hopper family:  Bobby, Cami, Tyler and Lauren!

We are so lucky and honored to have this awesome family as our first Thrive Family Spotlight, and can’t wait to share their interview with all of you.  The main focus of our conversation together centers around family communication, a topic that is key to every family’s ability to really thrive. 

The Hoppers are here to share their family communication challenges, steps they’ve taken to address their weak areas (hint: 5 Love Languages!) and some best practices that work for them today.

You’ll especially love hearing the perspectives of Tyler and Lauren — there’s a lot of wisdom coming from a couple of teenagers, and what they share may help open some channels of communication between you and your kiddos! 

Watch the Video Here

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