May 2017 Thrive Live Q&A [REPLAY] with Mark Timm and Tom Ziglar

May 2017 Thrive Live Q&A [REPLAY] with Mark Timm and Tom Ziglar

Welcome to our May Thrive Live Q & A Call with Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm, who is joined by Tom Ziglar, proud son of Zig Ziglar!

Family Questions that Mark and Tom Answer

  • How can I balance balance work, family, church responsibilities, personal development time?
  • I need some meaningful consequences to use with my kids when they break the household rules.
  • Do you have some suggestions for how to better manage technology use in our homes?
  • How do I maintain a good relationship with my adult child who doesn’t seem to be motivated?
  • I really want to have meaningful chats with my husband about our family, but he seems distracted with his phone all the time.  What can I do to get his attention?
  • Plus, Tom Ziglar shares his thoughts on the importance of legacy to families.

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Question: Tom’s dad, Zig Ziglar, was intentional about the legacy he left for his family. What are you doing today that you hope will be part of your family’s legacy in the future?  Share your thoughts with a comment below.


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