November 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight: The Weening Family

November 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight:  Jason & Allison Weening


Meet Jason & Allison Weening – and their 7 children!

We are so grateful to welcome Jason and Allison Weening as our Thrive Family Spotlight for November, and can’t wait to share their interview with all of you!  

The Weenings have been married for 13 years, and they have 7 children, all under age 11!  The first thing you’re going to wonder is how they managed to get 30 minutes of quiet time to do this interview! ? 

Jason and Alli are really founding members of Ziglar Family, as they’ve been connected since Mark Timm started sharing his family message several years ago.  Jason is a learner, and is always looking for practical, actionable ways he can be a better husband and father, so Mark’s message really resonated with him.

They’re big fans of the Ziglar Family Check-Up tool for families, and have enjoyed taking part in our 7-Day Family Challenges, too.

Today Jason and Alli will share some of their wins as a family (which will inspire you and yours!) as well as some of their challenges.  They share how they help their children develop their gifts by helping them “get in the game,” something we all can and should be doing.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end to hear this fun couple’s #1 best pieces of advice for families today!

Watch the Video Here

Listen to the Audio Here



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