October 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight: Willie and Rachel Scott

October 2017 Thrive Family Spotlight:  Willie and Rachel Scott


Meet the Scotts, founders of Better Than Blended!

We are so grateful to welcome Willie and Rachel as our Thrive Family Spotlight for October, and can’t wait to share their interview with all of you. 

The Scotts are a couple who came together six years ago to blend their respective single-parent families into one, big, happy family.  Willie, who had been widowed, brought three children to the family, and Rachel brought two children from her previous marriage, plus they’ve had two children together.  That makes them parents of 7 kids, ages 2 – 21!  

It didn’t take long for Willie and Rachel to recognize that blending two families has its own unique set of challenges, so they set about addressing those challenges in a very intentional way, working hard to get past their individual biases and expectations for the new family and coming together to create their new story.

They’re sharing some of their story here today, plus some of the wisdom they’ve gained from the challenges they’ve overcome. Whether you’re a blended family, a single-parent family, or even a traditional family, there’s some great information and content here for you to apply to your own life. 

You’re going to love this chat with the Scotts, and once you get to know them here, you can connect with them at BetterThanBlended.com. 


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