15 Spring Activities To Do with Your Family (during isolation)

Spring is here and, more now than ever, we’re all eager to get out of our homes —but with the virus lingering around— the best we can do is go outside and get some fresh air. We thought of the top 15 Spring activities to do with your family (during isolation) that will create some fun and awesome memories.

Activities can include bike rides, yard game activities and scavenger hunts. It can be as simple as going outside and blowing bubbles.

Here is the list of 15 fun Spring activities to do with your family during isolation:

#1 Plant a Garden

Let your kids see the true wonder of gardening and how to take care of it. If you don’t have a garden, find a few pots and start container vegetables or flowers.

We plant new flowers every Spring for Mother’s Day and our kids love how big and beautiful the flower garden grows through the Spring and Summer season. It’s really fun and something we’re all involved in.

#2 Wash the Car

If it’s going to be nice and sunny, hopefully soon, ask the kids to wash your car. As soon at it hits 60 degrees kids are thinking it’s warm enough for short sleeve tops and shorts. At 70 degrees they’ll be ready to wear swimsuits and happy to get the hose and sponges out.

Maybe you could even convince them to vacuum the inside of the car and maybe wax it for a cool incentive.

#3 Meditate Outdoors

We’ve tried (and love) walking or sitting mediation.

For walking meditation, have your family walk around on their own and quietly observe with their five senses. Ask them to be mindful of what they smell, hear, see and touch. Remind them not to touch one another and to keep silent for about 2 minutes (or less if they’re really little).

For sitting meditation, have your family arrange themselves sitting comfortably so none is touching another or too close to another’s “personal space” – this way, everyone is surrounded by nature. Next, ask everyone to close their eyes to meditate or to look around them quietly as part of the meditation. Ask them to be mindful of what they smell, hear, see and touch.

#4 Decorate Your Trees or Shrubs with Easter Eggs

This is our favorite activity that we do every year. We love this tradition and it always makes us realize that it doesn’t take much to make us smile.

Look… we even took a picture this year of our Easter Tree!

15 Spring Activities To Do with Your Family (during isolation)

#5 Roast S’mores

If everyone is home and the weather is nice, why not roast some s’mores or hot dogs, yum?

We do this activity for our family meetings and it’s a great way to end a day spent inside doing schoolwork or watching movies… almost like a little reverse camping trip in the backyard. Our kids also love to melt some chocolate and eat it with fresh fruit.

#6 Take a Family Bike Ride (or scooters, rollerblades, etc)

We count this as P.E. time for school or recess. haha

We also get a great workout while enjoying some new scenery.

#7 Take an Evening Drive to Watch a Sunset

Not only will you enjoy a beautiful view… this moment with your family can create great conversations in the car.

#8 Take a Family Porch Picture

Have you seen these photos of families on their front porches during coronavirus? The pictures capture the family’s personality and the family times that Covid19 has presented.

How cool!

If you’re working from home, check out this handy article with 5 Tips to Survive Working From Home during a Crisis.

#9 Create a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

These can be so fun for kids of all ages. Our teenagers enjoyed it (and we might have too, haha).

Good chalk and a sidewalk are the only two things you will basically need for this obstacle course. Check out this site for some really cool ideas.

#10 Color Easter Eggs on the Back Patio

We colored eggs on our back patio deck and it was so much fun and the best part… it was an easy clean-up. Win-Win!

15 Spring Activities To Do with Your Family (during isolation)

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#11 Create a Nature Scavenger Hunt in Your Backyard

Here is an awesome and free printout to use. Our kids have a great time doing this and we give the winner an ice cream treat (but let’s be honest, they all get some ice cream too, haha).

#12 Organize a Family Game to Play in Your Backyard

Our favorite backyard game is the large-sized Jenga. This game always makes for some in-action and hilarious photos. We also love flying kites, blowing bubbles, the parachute game, Simon Says, Hide and Seek, etc.

We let the kids pick their favorite and then we pick ours —to end the night.

#13 Work in Your Backyard Together

Use pulling weeds as a stress reliever and to get your mind off of things. It also teaches the kids about yard care (one day, they’ll thank you, haha).

#14 Play With Your Pets

We have dogs and they love to chase us and play fetch. It’s great exercise for all involved.

#15 Make a time capsule from the Pandemic

One day your kids can use it to tell their kids about living through a pandemic.

Try and use this extra time to spend with your family! May your family interactions be filled with kindness, generosity, patience, and encouragement.

It may be an uncertain time, but we can choose to make it a memory that’ll be known for “that-time-we-had-so-much-fun-in-quarantine-together.”.

What Spring Activities Does Your Family Enjoy Most?


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