September 2017 Thrive Family Focus: Raising Accountable Kids

September 2017 Thrive Family Focus: Raising Accountable Kids


Welcome to the September Thrive Family Focus Interview! This month, Thrive community co-founder, Bill Blankschaen, sits down with best-selling author, John G. Miller, to discuss John’s latest book (co-written with his wife, Karen G. Miller) Raising Accountable Kids: How to Be an Outstanding Parent Using the Power of Personal Accountability.
In a world that seems void of personal responsibility, moms and dads can make a difference by practicing personal accountability in their parenting on a daily basis – while teaching it to their children.
John and Karen are parents of seven and grandparents to seven, so they bring a lot of life experience to this powerful and practical parenting handbook — and this awesome interview — which is ideal for parents, grandparents, and anyone else concerned with raising accountable kids.
Here’s what you’ll hear: 
  • How parenting is a learned skill, and why “just winging it” is dangerous
  • How to establish boundaries and take accountability with raising kids.
  • The three biggest excuses that block parents from raising accountable kids
  • And so much more…

Ready to learn what it takes to raise accountable kids in today’s world? Then go ahead and check out this month’s Thrive Family Focus Interview now!


Learn more about John and his work by visiting, or you can email him directly (and he promises to answer every email!) at .

You can order John’s book, Raising Accountable Kids, by clicking here. 

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