September 2017 Thrive Family Resource: Have You Mastered “The Look?”

September 2017 Thrive Family Resource:  Have You Mastered “The Look?”

September Thrive Family Focus Expert, John G. Miller, has generously shared with us a chapter from Raising Accountable Kids, his book with wife and co-author Karen G. Miller.  This chapter is available for download exclusively for Thrive community members.

In this excerpt, John shares how the old-fashioned, time-tested and proven “Look” used by our parents and grandparents is still an important disciplinary tool today. 

If you like what you read here (and we know you’re going to LOVE it!), you can read more when you pick up your own copy of the book! 

With this ready-to-print resource, you will learn:

  • A key element of strong parenting…
  • When a two-letter word is a complete sentence…
  • How boundaries are important to strong parenting…
  • What “harsh” is NOT…

Download PDF Here

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