4 Practical Action Tips for Raising Strong Willed Kids


4 Practical Action Tips for Parents of Strong-Willed Children We've prepared a 3-page download exclusively for use by Ziglar Family members. We wanted to give you some simple, yet effective, tips and strategies for dealing with strong-willed children. With this ready-to-print resource, you will learn how to Keep the child's behavior in perspective Maintain your own calm [...]

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How Much Screen Time for Kids is Too Much?


By Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family When I was growing up — and I’ll bet you can relate — the only real media that I was exposed to was television and radio, with TV being the more influential of the two. But in the 70s and 80s, even what was shown on television was pretty [...]

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46 Ways Kids Can Help Around the House


Note from Mark Timm, Ziglar Family CEO: Today’s post is from Ziglar Family team member Jenifer Truitt. Jen is part of our copywriting and content creating team, and she's also a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer.  Most importantly, though, are the roles she cherishes as wife, mom, daughter, sister, niece, and cousin.  She can (and does!) quote [...]

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The Uncomfortable Truth About Discipline


by Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family Discipline. It’s definitely one of the most often recurring topics that I’m asked about in various family coaching situations. Here’s the uncomfortable truth: many common discipline problems with kids are really rooted in parental behavior. Problems result from parents not being consistent with rules and consequences. When we don’t [...]

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The Secret to Frustration-Free Discipline


by Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family When you think of the word discipline, what comes to mind? Do you immediately think of a parent/child interaction in some punitive, uncomfortable, or just generally negative way? Or maybe you tune-in more to the root “disciple” and call to mind a kinder, gentler image of a leader/follower relationship. [...]

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