The Possibility of Forgiveness


Note from Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family:  Last year at this time, I published the following post, and the reaction was huge!  The message seemed to really strike a chord with our community, and to this day it remains our most-read and most-reacted-to post.  I'm publishing it again, in case you either didn't read it [...]

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Are You Fighting Fair?


by Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family Conflicts in family life are absolutely inevitable.  And when those conflicts occur, you need to fight fair. The truth is, I really don’t like the word “fight” when it comes to conflict with your family members.  Yes, you will argue, and there will be strong disagreements from time to time. [...]

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The Possibility of Forgiveness


by Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family It seems like the holidays are the time of year when our thoughts turn most often to family.  Families are the foundation of our humanity. It is within our family that we learn how to love unconditionally, resolve conflicts, compromise, selflessly serve others, and forgive one another.   Even [...]

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