Let the Holiday Traditions Begin!


Note from Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family: Happy post-Thanksgiving to all of our American readers, and happy holiday season "kick-off" to all!  This week, I'm turning over the pen to my wife, Ann, for our weekly blog post.  She loves Thanksgiving and all of the subsequent holiday traditions more than anyone I've ever met, so [...]

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How to Fish for the REALLY Big Ones – Without Bait!


By Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family For as far back as I can remember, I would go fishing with my grandparents over the summer.  It started when I would get out of school just before the long Memorial Day weekend. First, my parents would take me to my great-grandpa Charlie’s for a week; after that, I would [...]

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Blessings at Your Family Meal Time


Note from Mark Timm, Ziglar Family CEO: Today’s post is from guest blogger Julie S., an Australian wife (of 22 years) and mother of 7 beautiful children ranging in age from 21 down to 3 years old. Julie reached out to us in response to the Day 2: Communication challenge from the 7-Day Family Challenge. My [...]

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It’s a Tradition


by Mark Timm, CEO Ziglar Family Caroline Kennedy once said, “It's true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep [...]

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