The Amazing Secrets to Communicating with Teenagers

What if you instantly changed the way you communicated with your teenagers by focusing on the benefits of good choices rather than the consequences. We found the best person to help us get there and that is Jackie Brewton, the super talented relationship expert who helps us learn the amazing secrets to effectively communicating with teenagers (in today’s noisy world).

The Advice That All Parents of Teens Need (Right Now):

Jackie Brewton is an author, teen relationship expert and youth motivational speaker who traded in success for significance in 2001 when she walked away from her career in Corporate America, to dedicate her life to helping teens make good choices.

For the past 16 years, she has been sharing her keynote presentations before assemblies of thousands and in classrooms of thirty each week.

I challenge you to watch this video without having an ah-hah parenting moment because Jackie Brewton’s amazing advice and timeless wisdom below is one to keep handy for some inspiration when you feel like you don’t have any!

“Much of how children see themselves is based on how they think their parents see them. And one way they determine how their parents see them is based on their communication with their Mom and Dad.” —Jackie Brewton

In addition to inspiring teens to dream bigger dreams, make better decisions, and walk into their destinies, Jackie also empowers parents to have the tough conversations with their teens about love, sex, and relationships.

Parents Can Effectively Communicate with Their Teens (About Tough Topics):

When it comes to the tough conversations about love, sex, and relationships, any parent knows that the word tough is an understatement when it comes to those conversations.

Luckily, Jackie makes this not-so-easy moment way easier and turns it into a rather positive and enlighting experience.

This is a very cool way to communicate with teens and their parents.

The ONE THING Teens Think Parents Always Do (That They Wish Would Stop):

Did you know that teens have been asked: “what is the one thing their parents always do”?

They hate the fact that they “can’t ever do anything right”. Parents are always focusing on the one thing that they did wrong… whether it’s cleaning their room, playing a sport, or doing their homework.

Kids want parents to focus on the good before they focus on the bad.

What do you think would happen if you helped your teen see and feel that their overall good outweighs the bad?

This all might seem easier said than done which is why Jackie is here to help us overcome the struggle that happens between the parents and the child.

Overall, parents need to show love, believe and have hope for their future (so they can see and feel it too).

Now it’s time for all of us to reflect and get to writing those letters. 🙂

Jackies’s inspiring message for the Ziglar Family Community is also part of the free 7-Day challenge. We hope you listen and follow this beautiful example of successful family communication that will inspire you and the generations to come.

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to parenting your teenagers?


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