The Best Resources for Families (plus a Free Crisis Workshop)

Family time takes on a whole new meaning during times of trouble and uncertainty, therefore we’ve created the best resources for families during chaos and more.

Are you struggling to find a routine, ways to keep your family busy, keys to a successful homeschooling schedule, or simply how to spend time together that is meaningful and matters?

We have good news! We’ve found some really cool, useful, and fun resources for your family to survive and thrive, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

Here’s an awesome list of the best resources for families (during chaos):

Calm the Chaos® List of Resources for Parents and Families:

For the past year, this team has been testing, tweaking and improving the Calm the Chaos® Framework so that students see REAL results.

It is their mission to help parents connect with their children, their families, themselves and ultimately… their dreams.

They’ve seen over 75% of their students not only complete the program but make huge life-changing progress. Below are all the goodies they’re offering RIGHT NOW for all families:

Stressed about self-isolation, kids being home 24-7 while trying to work from home, creating a routine for everyone, keeping the peace at home, and all that comes with the challenges brought on by this national disaster, if so, then this is SOOO FOR YOU:

  • FREE Crisis Workshop: How to Calm The Chaos to Help You in this Current Crisis and you’ll get…
    – Lessons To Help You Face Unique Challenges Brought On By This National Disaster
    – Learn The Actionable Steps You Can Take For Immediate Results
FREE Crisis Workshop this way >>


They also have the following for parents and families to help calm the chaos at home! Check this out:

  • Take the FREE QUIZ: What is Your Child’s Behavior Type? This Quiz Will Show You…
    – Discover your child’s Behavior Type (there are FIVE of them by the way..)
    – Discover how to handle this behavior IN THE MOMENT
    – Discover what your child’s dominant struggles and superpowers are based on their unique skills, likes and dislikes…
    – And much much more…
  • FREE Workshop: Stop Your Child’s Unwanted Behavior In Its Tracks So That You Can Go From Totally Lost To Calm And In Control.
    Here’s what you’ll discover in this FREE 4-PART TRAINING SERIES:
    – How to stay calm and cool the next time your child has a freakout or doesn’t listen
    – Uncover the true cause of your child’s behavior. So you can learn how to stop it before it begins…
    – Instantly dissolve tension, connect to your child, and get them to listen and do what you ask more easily
    – The secret to getting your child to ACTUALLY USE calm down tools
    – Create an ahead of the moment plan where everyone works together to avoid daily meltdowns and drama
  • Join Calm The Chaos’ Proven, Step-By-Step Framework — if your parenting isn’t going the way you planned!

Awesome List of Resources for Family Fun, Homeschooling Ideas, and More:

We love some of these lists specially made for families to enjoy their time together and to help make some awesome memories —even during troubled times!

Maybe you’re stuck, like us, trying to homeschool your kids, work from home amidst the chaos around you, and or you’re trying to not lose your mind having kiddos around 24/7…

You’re going through a lot. And you’re doing the best you can.

Ziglar Family’s List of Family Resources:

  • The Ziglar Family 7 Day Challenge: This FREE Challenge from Ziglar Family will empower your family to thrive by equipping you to experience a week of wins. The 7 Leading Experts Share Proven, Practical Advice to Help Your Family Be, Do, and Have More and Experience 7 Specific “Wins” in Just 7 Days.
  • The Free Family Check-Up: This FREE Family Check-Up helps you discover how your family is doing based on Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Family Life —which is based on the timeless wisdom of Zig Ziglar, a man who helped millions of people around the world experience unprecedented success. He also taught extensively on marriage, faith, and family. For more than four decades, his Wheel of Life tool empowered individuals to live a healthier, more balanced life.
  • The Ziglar Family Resource Library: This free library will help to:
    • Get your kids involved in healthy cooking — video
    • Help Your Child Find His or Her Purpose – video and free PDF
    • Have a Happy Marriage — video and more
    • Helping Women Understand Men (and Vice Versa) — video and free PDF
    • Help Your Kids Grow Into Accountable Adults — video
    • Admit You Need Help with Parenting with Michelle Cushatt — video
    • Carving Out Time for Family — video
    • Be Better as a Blended Family — video interview
    • Hold Family Board Meetings — video
    • Access to Technology and Parenting Digital Book & Resources
    • Raising Strong-Willed Kids — article
    • A Guide to Family Love Languages — article

We’ve also provided a list of really cool resources from our Ziglar Family friends and community. Check it out below!

Ziglar Family’s, CEO, Mark Timm’s List of Resources for Parents and Families:

With 6 kids, Mark and his wife, Ann, know how hard it can be to keep your home running like a well-oiled machine —and still run a business. Mark has some of the best resources for parents. His unique vision for winning at home is to treat your family like a business —and it really does work (just ask his wife)!

We hope our created list of some of the best resources for families during chaos will help your family forget the troubled times —and enjoy taking some time to spend together and one day share this memory-in-time filled with fun and togetherness.

How is your family calming the chaos during this current crisis?





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