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Ziglar Family Digital Resources: Technology and Parenting

Welcome to a Ziglar Family Coaching Call with Mark and Ann Timm, who are joined this month by Ziglar Family CEO, Bobby Hopper.

Technology Questions that Mark and Ann Answer

  • At what age or stage to you suggest that children be given access to technological devices, especially hand-held personal devices?  
  • What types of parameters do you recommend be set up around kids having their own smartphone or other device? 
  • What do you do when your kids don’t want to disengage from their devices and interact in the real world?
  • Are there any specific apps or filters that you recommend for parents to help monitor their kids’ online behavior?  
  • Have you seen any negative effects of kids having phones and access to that kind of technology?
  • Plus, Mark and Ann respond to the “Top 5” Commandments for parents when it comes to kids and technology. 

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